When They Gonna Make That Bentley Truck?

“Going online like ‘When they gonna make that Bentley truck?”, 2 Chainz (rapper)

Ask and ye shall receive, right?  Well rapper 2 Chainz did and it worked, sort of.  Recently the EXP 9 F Bentley Concept Truck was showcased at the Geneva auto show although an actual release date may not come until 2016.  The highly anticipated and sought after vehicle will be in the $150,000 price range and feature a 12 cylinder engine which will make for a hefty gas bill to go along with its high retail price.

Of the many luxurious features the final model may have my favorite two have to be the floor mats and the trunk.  Weird  I know but for someone like me who enjoys driving shoeless the silk top floor mats are ideal.  Also, since I am a self proclaimed foodie,  the trunk which features a tailgate that doubles as a bench or picnic table, and has plates, silverware,  cocktail glasses, and an awning that extends over the tailgate would get much use from me.

Get your first look by peeping the pics and video below!

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“Will contain all the necessary items a Bentley has.”,  Wolfgang Dürheimer, Bentley CEO stated when questioned about the EXP 9 F Bentley Truck.

I don’t know how necessary all of the bells and whistles are but they sure look and sound good to me.  If I could I would purchase this vehicle just to say I had one.  I mean, why not?  Has the Bentley Truck made it to your wishlist?

Reference: Motor Trend


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