Tokyo Takeover: Your Japanese Personal Shopper

In the mood for anything Japanese?  Shop at Japan Goods Finder for everything hot in Tokyo and throughout Japan.  From beauty & health, car accessories, department stores, electronics, fashion, and food they have pretty much covered it all with over 65 retailers currently listed on their site. 

If by chance your browser shopping leads you to a dead end simply fill out the four question personal shopper form and you will receive a free quote within 24hrs.   Shop the site directly or bid on Yahoo! Japan Auctions and Japanese Ebay and have access to items you wouldn’t normally be privy to.

If your like me and have no idea what the exchange rate of the US Dollar to the Japanese Yen is just request a translation.  JGF has found a phenomenal way of removing the confusion and weariness from overseas shopping by researching suppliers and prices to carefully inspecting and packing each item.   

JPG charges a fee for their services.  Would you mind paying the extra for them doing  all of the work so that you can relax and enjoy your shopping experience? 


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